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  • Has Trans BC always been on your dream wish list, but you have just felt a little too intimidated to do it, or feel your technical skills aren't quite up to par to be hitting the BC black and double black trails? Or you don't quite have the fitness (or desire/motivation) to pedal that much each day? Or maybe you just really don't care about the 'race' aspect but want to come along to enjoy all the riding and the all-inclusive week that it's really all about? 

  • Well, if any of these apply to you, then this new FLEX package is going to be right up your alley!


  • Each day one or two of the hardest stages will be taken out for the Flex course, offering a less intimidating course option with less pedalling and less climbing and maybe even a bonus shuttle or two thrown in for good measure!  It's about being flexible.

  • Each day we will talk through the next day with those on the Flex course to let you know what to expect from each stage and which stage or stages they can skip. By the end of the week, who knows, maybe some of you on the Flex course might want to try the big boys and girls course and try the entire day.

  • You can even choose if you don't want to slap a timing chip on their wrist or not.  You can take each day as it comes and decide what's best for you each day.

  • This course option is not really caring about your results or getting a time (although it still can be), but it’s about more than that, it's about being a part of the event in a less intimidating way and enjoying a week of riding on a flex program. 

ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE - 15 Spots Available -


2022: C$2950 (all the same service and details as the regular package)

  • Custom designed 6-day course, where we have personally hand-picked the best locations and trails to showcase to you

  • Highly accurate timing system with daily instant results

  • Professional highly trained First aid on course every day

  • Food station out on course every day stocking sandwich platters, candy, fruit, baked goods and more

  • Complimentary airport transfers from Trail or Castlegar Airport on arrival day of the event 

  • Complimentary airport transfers to Trail or Castlegar Airport on departure day of the event 

  • Transport every day during the event with shuttles to the start line each day and back to your accommodation at the end of each day

  • 7 nights accommodation in LUXURY twin share accommodation/condo's/hotels (the night before the event starts, through to the day after it has finished) - June 26th until July 3rd

  • Breakfasts each day (6 total) and full dinner each night (7 total) and lunch each day either out on course or once you finish the day

  • Transport of your gear between locations

  • Custom design Trans BC Jersey made by KAZOOM Custom Clothing (if you would like to order team jersey's for the event, please contact us! Minimum order is 6)

  • One life time experience

  • Making 100+ new friends!

  • BEER....and plenty of it....every day at the finish line

  • Donations to trails in every community that we ride - over $15,000 gets put back into the trails each year from the event




2022: $1260

This is a self-supported package where you have to get yourself to the start line each day and work out your own accommodation and meals etc. If you don't have your own driver for your vehicle, then there may be vehicle retrievals required on some days when you finish if we start and finish in different locations, but very simple to organize



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