As you know, unfortunately Trans BC was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid. Most riders transferred their entry to 2021 with some opting for the refund. We are now working on plans to be able to still run the event if things are the same in BC Canada as they were this past summer (eg max 50 person gatherings and borders closed). Below are the aspects we are working on:

  • Not adding any more international riders from the waitlist - only adding Canadians (those that currently live in Canada) to available spots

  • Come end of March 2021, if the borders are still closed, then all international riders will be refunded or they can opt to transfer their entry to 2022, and all of those spots will be filled with Canadian residences

  • So if you are a Canadian wanting to race, I would highly advise you get yourself on the waitlist

  • The event will be capped at 150 and we will be creating 3 x 50 person groups (you will get grouped with your friends that you are coming with).  These 50 person groups will ride at different times over the day and not be able to mingle during the event with people from the other 50 person groups, only your own.

  • Other aspects like 'no normal on course food station' will be on course, but rather a pre-packed lunch and riding food snacks will be provided individually

We want to work on a plan like the above to be fully prepared for the worse in that we can still get you all out the trails riding bikes and for the event to go ahead!  

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me:

If for any reason Trans BC does get cancelled for 2021, you can either transfer your entry to 2022 or get a refund minus a $100 admin fee that helps cover aspects of the event that are already in the works and planning stages for.