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Below you will find all the details you need to know about being on the Dirtbag package. This page will continually get updated as we draw closer to the event




Everyone needs to arrive at RED MOUNTAIN RESORT, Rossland on Sunday June 26th.  Registration will be at the Resort in the afternoon as per the schedule that gets emailed out. 

There is a MANDATORY rider briefing at Approx 7.30pm (Red Resort Main Lodge) - time to be confirmed in schedule.


Arrival Day June 26th: Red Resort - Rossland

Day 1 - June 27th:

  • Shuttles: Currently No Shuttle needed - start and finish at the resort

  • Camping:

    • There is only one campground in Rossland and its small -

    • Red Resort might allow camping in their lower parking lot but only for vehicle camping that are self sufficient (eg travel trailers and sprinter vans, no tent steps)

    • More to come on this by May


Day 2 - June 28th:

  • Shuttles: 20 min self shuttle needed from Red Resort. Leave a retrieval vehicle at Red to use to collect car at start when finished for the day

  • Camping: Same as day 1 OR you can choose to travel to Castlegar after you are done racing and stay there the night, as we are racing there the next day 


Day 3 - June 29th: 

  • Shuttles: 30 mins self shuttle needed from Castlegar, finishing the day back in Castlegar. Eg meaning a 1hour retrieval of your vehicle at the end of the day to get it from the start line. 

  • Camping: Camp in Castlegar the night (that's where the rest of the all inclusive riders are staying) or go get yourself set up in Nelson where we race the next day


Day 4 - June 30th:

  • Shuttles: 30 mins self shuttle needed from Nelson. More details to come

  • Camping: There are a few options. Either the Nelson City Campground in town, or Kokanee Creek Provincial Park campground 10mins East of town


Day 5 - July 1st:

  • Shuttles: Day trip over on a ferry today - You all must car pool as much as possible from Nelson as there is limited Ferry space for vehicles and it can't be booked. The course finish will be about a 30 min return trip retrieval to get your vehicle from the start once you are done 

  • Camping: Same as last night


Day 6 - July 2nd:

  • Shuttles: 20-25 mins self shuttle needed from Nelson, finishing the day back in Nelson. Eg 40-50min return trip retrieval of your vehicle at the end of the day. 

  • Camping: Same as last night


Use THIS forum page to correspond between yourselves leading into the race about teaming up to shuttle to the start line and do vehicle retrievals at the end of each day


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