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NEW COURSE MAP FOR DAY 4 IS POSTED. Stage numbers have been swapped around a bit and there are now 6 stages, with the 6th one being the last descent to town.


Buses Depart Sandman for 10min shuttle 8.15, 8.45, 9.15

Self Support: Meet at lower parking lot of Merry Creek Trails

Start: Parking lot at the bottom of the network (no self support to park in parking lot so buses can turn around and Uhauls can unload)

Finish: Tail Out Brewery / Sandman Hotel

Loading Uhaul and Bus departures from Sandman Hotel to Nelson

NOTE: Day 5 Friday - SCHEDULE - Break and Dinner times have now changed to be the same they have been every other day since we are no longer going to Gray Creek. Breakfast: 7.15, 7.45, 8.15 and dinner 6.30pm, 6.50, 7.10

June 27


RESULTS ARE ON THE WEBSITE: if you happen to 'forget' to scan in at the finish then you need to call or text Megan NOW!  604-724-6558 as we need to get results off your chip before you clear/erase it tomorrow morning! 


June 26


Dirtbag Dinner - I heard some of you think there is dinner for the self support tonight - THERE IS NOT. But there IS dinner for you on the final night!!!

Bike loading for All inclusive - closed at 6pm. Get your bikes down to behind the registration building at the back lot (not the gravel lot)

Racer briefing is at 7.30pm at the main lodge of Red Resort - see the map!  

June 23

  • Revolution Bike Shop in Rossland will be opening on Sunday for you guys if you need any last minute supplies from 2.30pm-5.30pm

  • Note to Self Support Riders, that the grocery store (Ferraro Foods) in Rossland closes at 6pm on Sunday. Rossland Grocery on Google maps is not a grocery store and only has very very few things!  Next closest grocery store is Trail, 10mins down the hill.

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