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Stages Cycling believes in the power of training with power. A Stages Power meter is useful to any rider with a performance goal, from track or triathlon, to Enduro, or even DH. The Stages Power meter quantifies a rider's work, allows him or her to understand their personal race effort, and then develop the best training efforts to improve. A Stages Power meter will also help a rider maintain a sustainable pace during a long transfer ensuring the rider's tank is full for the next special 'stage', especially important when competing in a multi-day event like the Trans BC. Enduro's top professionals including multi-time EWS champions Tracy Moesly, and former Yeti teammates Richie Rude and Jared Graves—among many others—depend on Stages Power when training for their next victory. 


The Stages Power meter is expertly assembled in Boulder, Colorado, and available to retrofit to all types of high-performance mountain bike cranks. The Stages meter range includes Shimano XTR, XT and Saint, as well as SRAM BB30 XX and X0 models; GXP versions will be available Spring 2016. For more information, the complete product range, and full list of Stages Power athletes, check out

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