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2023: Dates (see registration page)
Location: Stay tuned

6 Day Mountain Bike Enduro Stage Race

Kootenay's BC


Welcome to Stages Trans BC 6 Day Enduro Race.  Past racers have labeled this the hardest enduro race in the world!  

  • Although our goal is to not make it the hardest or to create any kind of label ....

  • Our goal is about providing an experience to all racers that tests and challenges your ability while still providing rad/fun incredible riding experience

  • To have some stages that are pure ear to ear grinning fun that makes you feel like you are a super hero on your bike along with stages that are steep, tech and gnarly that make you feel like you are lucky to make it to the bottom in one piece with pure satisfaction of what you just accomplished 

  • Our goal is to provide the opportunity to tick BC off your bucket list while we take care of all the details for you

  • Our goal is to keep it non-serious, with unlimited high fives, and put a beer in your hands at the finish line each day


This is no alps, no Trans Provence, no super high elevation riding - but on the side of pure traditional famous BC singletrack of loam, forest, roots, and alpine, and everything in between.  BC has its own true unique style and this race will showcase a little bit of everything within its style.    

BC Singletrack  Society
  • Trans BC works with the local communities and clubs to make sure we are doing the best we can for trail growth and sustainability and address any concerns along the way!  

  • As a participant in the Trans BC, you will become a member of the BC Singletrack Society and be apart of giving back to the trails

  • We give back over $15,000 each year to the trails to the locations we use each year

  • In combination of all the enduro races Megan Rose has put on over the last 6 years (BC Enduro Series 2014-2016, Trans NZ and Trans BC), she has donated and given back over $100,000 into the trails 

  • Thanks to all the riders support along the way!