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Event Details






2023: June 11 to June 16 (arrival day June 10 and departure day June 17) 





This will be a 6-day enduro event, where climbs are untimed and descents are timed.  Expect a range of 4-6hrs on your bike per day with several timed sections throughout each day.  Times will be added together over the span of the 6 days to get your overall result at the end of the event.  Progressive daily times will be announced during dinner and briefing each evening. This is NOT an XC race and is labeled as one of the hardest enduro races in the world from past riders ;)




2023 event is set for the Coast Region of BC (Sea to Sky)




Your arrival and departure airport is Vancouver Airport. We provide airport transfers on both arrival day and departure day to these airports




Riders are required to have a strong mountain biking background with enough endurance and fitness to get you through 6 back to back days of 4-6hrs of riding each day, 30km+ distance and approx 1200-1800m of climbing each day.  You are required to have solid high technical single track skills.  The trails and courses will be a vast variety throughout the 6 days - some faster, smoother flowier days, and more technical steeper rootier days, some open terrain rock slab trail riding and everything in between.  





Here is the good WON'T have to camp in a tent!  Yes that's right, during this 6-day event you will be put up in in luxury twin share resort style accommodation. You can look forward to a nice clean, warm, dry bed to come back to at the end of each hard day of riding.  We will provide 7 nights of accommodation - the night before the race starts and then every day of the event (for those that are in the all inclusive package).






















All breakfasts and full dinners will be provided every day along with on-course snacks and sandwiches for lunch. We will try our best to provide options for gluten free, vegetarian and other allergies and our catering providers are pretty good on that side of things





Transport will be provided throughout the duration of the event.  From airport transfers the day prior to it starting, all the way through to airport drop-offs after the event.  Shuttles to the start line each day and back to your accommodation at the end of each day. Some courses will even have shuttles throughout the day but for the most part, you will be pedaling from start to finish each day with no lift access or shuttles.  There will only be one move day for 2020, letting you settle into your accommodations for longer and make it much easier for you all. 


Important dates and times:


  • Saturday June 10 - arrival day (into Vancouver Airport or self arrive to Vancouver)

    • We will be running ONE airport transfer from Vancouver Airport. More specific details and times will be emailed out in your rider newsletters once you have signed up

  • Saturday June 17 - departure day (fly out of Vancouver Airport or self departure from Whistler) 

    • We will be running ONE airport transfer to Vancouver Airport, getting you to the airport around 10.30-11am. 

    • There is a chance we run a transfer on Sunday June 18. More details to come in the riders newsletters once you have signed up





The course will not be made public until the night before each race day - this is true blind riding/racing. We will be provided with a more specific itinerary leading into the race and some overall stats of distances, elevation profiles and more.





We will be using the sportident timing system (that is also used for Trans-Provence, Trans-Savoie, Andes Pacifico, BC Enduro Series, Trans NZ and a lot of other enduro races around the world).  Its highly accurate with instant results!

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