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Event Updates and Communication:

  1. All updates and communication will be shared via the Sportity App. Download the app called 'sportity'. Open the app and put in the password transbc.. All updates will go on here and if you have notifications turned on for the app, it will ping you when a new update has been added (approx once per month)​

  2. You can also access the racers updates via the 'racers updates' page on the website found on the menu tabs at the top

    1. It is password protected - password is transbc

Now you have no excuse to missing updates ;) 


A racers list will go into an online spreadsheet by December and you will be notified on the link once that is created. This is where I will be collecting info from you in regards to the event and you can see who else has signed up!



Please research and buy a trip cancellation insurance policy NOW - don't wait. They are all specific to your country. Just google, trip cancellation and/or travel insurance.  I have even done some research for you, see below:

Try this one for USA residence: (it compares all the different companies policies and you can get a policy for as low as US$100 to cover a $3,000 registration cost. If you had to cancel due to injury, sickness etc - you would be able to get your $3,000 entry fee refunded by them.

Try this for Canadians and other countries: (approx C$175). There are others I have found for around $130 - so just research and see what you find


DON'T RISK NOT GETTING A POLICY - 20% OF YOU WILL GET INJURED OR SICK BETWEEN NOW AND EVENT DATES! and at this price you would be silly not to protect yourselves. Please don't ask for a refund or transfer after refund dates, as it was your decision to not get coverage if you don't.



  • 75% refund of full reg price - up to January 1, 2024

    • Equates to 50% refund of deposit payments for all inclusive - Eg Everything back except $824

    • Equates to $1,050 refund for Self Support Package

  • 50% refund of full reg price - from January 1 to March 1, 2024

    • Equates to no refund on deposit paid $1,649, or if you have paid in full you get $1,649 refunded

    • Equates to $700 refund for Self Support

  • 25% refund from March 1 to May 1, 2024

    • $825 refunded for All Inclusive​

    • $$350 refunded for Self Support

  • NO REFUNDS after May 1, 2024

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