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Thanks for your interest in filling the 1 photographer spot up for grabs at this years Trans BC. I have had an overwhelming amount of interest, so figured I would create this page to get you all the info at once, as I know the position won't suit you all. Then if you are still interested after reading the below then you can fill out the form lower down.


  • Arrival day is by early afternoon Saturday July 6 to Fernie, BC and departure day is Saturday morning July 13 from Panorama

  • Race days are July 7-12

  • You would be a part of a 40 person volunteer team, from course crew, to medics, to drivers, to media

  • The same crew keep coming back year after year because they love it so much and they look at it as their annual summer camp for adults on bikes, riding sweet trails with fun people!

  • The photographer the isn't coming back this year has been with us for 6 years!


  • You would be out on your bike each day on course shooting the essence of the event

    • riding shots - scenery back drops to in the woods tech and everything in between​

    • capturing higher quality shots rather then 'many' shots from the same spot of each racer

    • each day I provide ideas of what stages to hit or skip or ways to short cut the course or make it easier on yourselves to not pedal as much

    • having an e-bike is a huge advantage!

    • But also capture off bike related shots of finish line chilling with beers, shuttle loading, some accommodation shots or meal time shots to capture the overall event feel and experience

  • Each night you would upload 20-30 of your better shots to an allocated folder that my social media guy can pull from and will eventually be used to upload to pinkbike and create an event recap post and use on social media and the website

  • Each image to be uploaded with a watermark of your name and the event logo (that I provide you), but also a copy without watermark

  • At the end of the event you will do a B-roll dump of all your images into an allocated folder for us to use for future social posts, recaps, website etc


  • I cover: 7 nights hotel accommodation, 3 meals a day plus on course snacks, beer, transport during the event, lift tickets etc. About $1800 worth

  • You are looked after well during the week of the event, as I value all your time and dedication to coming to the event and being on the team!

  • The initial vision when this started back in 2016 was the media roles would be seen like a stepping stone for those looking to make their mark in the photography scene and gain experience and be with us for just 1-2 years before they moved on to bigger projects and paying projects, so it was never going to be a paid role. But my media team kept coming back and their caliber of skill and experience kept growing, and I was able to allocated some funds to those returning and that then knew the in's and out's of the events and were self sufficient.  

  • So this role at this point would be unpaid since you are new to the team and just your expenses covered. But based on experience I could see if I could squeeze anything out of the budget (numbers are down this year, so budgets look different!)  

  • There also might be room to add on some tasks to the role based on experience - eg if you are a writer, then take on doing the pinkbike event recap etc, that then can be paid or if you have connections to magazines that you might want to write a story for, then we can chat

  • I am also ok for you to sell your images to the racers after the event, if you want to put them on a website you use that you manage and I just send a link to the racers for them to see. 

If you are still keen, please fill out the below form and I will look through them early next week. Thanks so much for your interest. Its amazing to see so many skilled photographers out there interested in this type of event and work, I wish I could take you all!  I don't think I have sourced a media team member this way before, its always been a referral from a current media member, so this is kind of exciting in a way!


Do you just do Photography or video as well?
Do you have an e-bike?
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