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July 9th to 14th, 2018 (Arrival day is July 8th and departure day is July 15th).





This will be a 6-day enduro event, where climbs are untimed and descents are timed.  Expect a range of 4-6hrs on your bike per day with several timed sections throughout each day.  Times will be added together over the span of the 6 days to get your overall result at the end of the event.  Progressive daily times will be announced during dinner and briefing each evening. This is NOT an XC race and is labeled as one of the hardest enduro races in the world from past riders ;)





2018 we will be racing in the South West Kootenay region, covering Rossland and Nelson areas.  




This region is a long way from the major airports of Calgary and Vancouver. The event will be starting in Rossland. Your arrival and departure airports are Castlegar Airport YCG (30mins from Rossland) and Trail Airport YZZ (20mins from Rossland).  Both of these airports are incredibly small so booking early is a must!  The event finishes in Nelson which is 30mins from the Castlegar Airport and 1hr from the Trail Airport. We provide airport transfers on both arrival day and departure day to these airports




Riders are required to have a strong mountain biking background with enough endurance and fitness to get you through 6 back to back days of 3-6hrs of riding each day, 30km+ distance and approx 1200-1800m of climbing each day.  You are required to have solid technical single track skills.  The trails and courses will be a vast variety throughout the 6 days - some faster, smoother flowier days, some technical steeper rootier days, some open terrain rock slab trail riding and everything in between.  





Here is the good WON'T have to camp in a tent!  Yes that's right, during this 6 day event you will be put up in in range of accommodation that is mostly twin share from motels/hotel style to Ski Resort Condos and similar. You can look forward to a nice clean, warm, dry bed to come back to at the end of each hard day of riding.  We will provide 7 nights of accommodation - the night before the race starts and then every day of the event (for those that are in the all inclusive package).

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