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  • We will not share any of your details from registration with any third party providers, your information is strictly kept within Trans BC

  • We are unable to provide any refunds if any of the 6 days during the event needs to be canceled last minute due to safety issues like extreme weather or fires. Your registration fees will have already been allocated to accommodation, meals, transport and other related event expenses at that time. We will do our best to move location or provide an alternative rad experience to keep the hype high. In the past 4 years we have not had to cancel any days. In 7 years of Trans NZ we have had to cancel 1 day due to extreme weather conditions...snow!





  • It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you purchase 'trip cancellation' once you pay for your entry. I have provided a link to one option to save you doing the research, however you are free to do your own research.  Please do not ask for a refund if you have to cancel above and beyond what is listed below in our refund policy as it's your choice whether to take out / find/buy a Trip Cancellation policy and if you choose not to, then that is your own risk you are willing to take, not ours!  




  • 2023 Event: ​

    • 75% refund up to January 1st, 2023 (of full payments), 50% refund of deposit payments

    • 50% refund from January 1st, 2023 to March 1, 2023 (of full payments) no refund of deposit payments

    • 25% refund from March 31st to May 1st, 2023

    • NO REFUNDS after May 1st, 2023

    • Transfers considered on an individual bases

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